Drum Roooollllllllll………….

Praise the weed gods! We finally have wax people! I have been waiting to get some wax for what seems like forever! This wax is one of the best out of all I have tried. It’s called Lucky Charms and is a cross between The White and Appalachia. Since its almost St. Patty’s Day, I thought Lucky Charms would be a good wax to have! This wax is like shatter when it’s cold but when its warm it’s more like regular wax consistency. It’s not very sticky though and is easy to work with. It is see through and kind of a light caramel color. The smell was not very strong like weed or anything. It was lighter and has a different scent to it then weed. This strain has a THC level averaging around 77%, which is pretty high making this wax pretty strong.

I was stoney baloney after taking a hit of this! The hit itself was really smooth and tasted pretty good. It has a sweeter taste to it that makes it easy to smoke. Right after smoking, I could already feel the high starting to takeover my mind and body. It takes a few minutes to get really set in but once it does, get ready to be high for quite a while. This high though is a really nice happy high. It’s very euphoric and makes you super relaxed. This is a functional high that puts you in just a great mood. I felt as if I could sit outside for hours on a pretty day and be perfectly content with everything. I didn’t have a care in the world. This wax is definitely more of a mind high than it is a body high. It does, however, make you feel quite lazy, or at least it did me. I had plans to smoke and go walk through a museum and after I had smoked, I never stepped foot into the museum. The museum sounded fun but I didn’t have the energy to walk all the way through it especially with a bunch of people there. It made it seem weird to be there. So I went back home and relaxed until I decided to go to bed because it was pretty late. The coming down part knocked me out. I felt very tired and drained sort of. But I slept like a baby. And when I got up the next morning I felt very refreshed and ready for the day! I personally love this wax. It has a really nice high and is a smooth hit. I would definitely get some more of this and recommend it to everyone!!

Thanks for reading and stay high!


Orange Fire!!

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Why it’s the great Orange Haze, of course! This sativa dominant hybrid is an awesome strain from Orange Bud (Sativa) and Haze (Hybrid). The nugs were a pale green with bunches of orange hairs all over. They were very dense and crumbly which made it easy to break up for easy rolling! Inside the nugs though, when you were breaking them down, had many little tiny stems in it that made it a little more difficult. You for sure had to pick those out. Most bud you can smell through the bag but this bud was definitely not one of those kinds of bud. It had a very light smell that was not strong at all.

Now we get to the good part! Or at least my favorite part. Smoking my fat blunt I rolled!!!

The first time I smoked this bud I was trying to save some and roll a thinner blunt. BIG mistake.  I rolled it and smoked it and about 15 minutes later I didn’t even feel high anymore. This was incredibly disappointing. So I had to roll another. This one was a FAT one. It was hard to even get all of the bud in it! After smoking this one, I was definitely HIGH af for at least an hour. This high was an energetic high that lifted your spirits and made you feel good. This is a very good strain for people with a lot of stress in their life. Tasting this weed was a lot like smelling it, not much. It had a light taste that was not super noticeable while smoking a blunt. I could taste the papers more than I could the weed. It did, however, have faint citrus taste to it that was excellent. Most blunts are generally kind of harsh which may have been why this seemed to be about a 6 on the harshness scale. The come down off of this was not too bad actually. I didn’t seem to get super tired. I was more just out of it until I could smoke some more.

Happy smoking everyone and thank you for reading!!

High as a Kite

Hello everyone! Today I have some bud that I am unsure of the name but would love to figure it out someday! I do know that it is from Wasgington. The bud was a very light green color with orange hairs and a lot of keef. It had a very strong citrus smell that made the whole room smell within a second of getting it out! The nugs were sort of rocky feeling but very easy to break down. Not too sticky and not too hard. The bud, when broken down, was pretty fluffy and soft.

I rolled another blunt with a White Grape White Owl. This blunt was packed full. I weighed out 1.2 grams and used it all in the blunt! It burned really slow but resonated quite a bit (probably because it was so fat!). It had a citrus and earthy taste that went well with the wrap.

Now the high from this blunt was an amazing high. It gave you energy and did not make you feel out of it. I felt very relaxed and in a great mood! This bud would be a great bud for depression or anxiety. The high itself I believe lasted about an hour. VERY STRONG!! The blunt was not super harsh. I would give it bout a 5 on the harshness scale. I coughed some but not too much or too deep. After the high began to sit in, I started getting the munchies. And believe me when you get the munchies with this weed, be careful what you choose to munch on because it will be very hard to put it down. To me, this seemed more like a Sativa strain of bud than an Indica. I wish that I knew the name of this bud because I would definitely like to get my hands on more of it! If I ever find out the name I will definitely update this post so everyone can know. Thanks so much for reading! Happy smoking everybody! 

Back at it again!

Today’s bud winner of the day is Ice Mountain! This bud is a 50/50 Indica-Sativa hybrid but to me gives you more of an Indica feel. The second I got it I could smell it. Through the bag! It was a very potent smell that was earthy and woody. The nugs were not very bright this time. They had more of an army green color but had many orange hairs covering it. They nugs were dense and hard like a rock. You definitely need a grinder for this one or some hands that are willing to work a little.

I chose to roll a White Owl White Grape blunt and used a full gram. The blunt was very slow burning and resonated a lot at the end of it. The taste of this one was very nutty and more of a natural earthy flavor. It took a minute to get used to but I thought that it tasted pretty good. Most blunts are somewhat harsh, and this one I would give about a 7 on the harshness scale. At times, it was hard to even take a full hit!  While smoking this one, I could feel the high start to set in.

The high was pretty intense. I felt really zoned out at times and was often confused on what was going on at the moment. It definitely was not a bad kind of high, just sort of intense. I felt “couch-locked” and pretty out of it. I was actually on my couch watching a TV show called bong-appetit. It’s a show all about people cooking with cannabis, cbd and all sorts of cannabis related items. This show blew my mind sort of. It was really cool to watch. I never really got munchy with this high. When I was coming down, I was definitely way more out of it and got pretty tired. This bud was a good bud to smoke and would definitely try it again!

Thanks for reading and stay high my friends!

Hello World

This right here my friends is Agent Orange. It is a combination of Orange Velvet, which is a hybrid, and Jack the Ripper, a sativa. The nugs were very bright pretty colors, much better in person than in that picture up there. The green color on it was very vibrant and lime green. There were also many orange hairs covering the whole piece. The nugs themselves were very fluffy and soft which made it very easy to break down for easy smoking. The smell of the bud was not super strong but it had more of an earthy scent to it.

Now time for the good part. Smoking it.

I went with rolling up a blunt for the first time I smoked. I used the Swisher Sweet Island Bash mini blunt wrap. And the first inhale was pretty weird to be honest with you. It wasn’t bad. It was just different than what I expected. The taste was more of a citrus flavor like an orange. To me, it was about a 5 on the harshness scale. The hits were not bad harsh but I did get a few coughs in every once in a while. This one is definitely a creeper. Right after I had smoked, I initially did not feel much of a high at all and was debating on smoking more. But I decided to give it a minute to see if something would happen. Then after not too long it started to set in. This high was a really good high. One that makes you happy and your mind is energized. It’s definitely not a high that makes you feel tired or couch locked. It’s a very uplifting kind of high that helps with stress and is great for depression. The only negative couple things I have to say about it is the cotton mouth that comes with it and the coming down does make you tired. But other than that the whole experience was great. I would definitely recommend this strain to anyone!

Thanks for reading and happy smoking!