Orange Fire!!

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Why it’s the great Orange Haze, of course! This sativa dominant hybrid is an awesome strain from Orange Bud (Sativa) and Haze (Hybrid). The nugs were a pale green with bunches of orange hairs all over. They were very dense and crumbly which made it easy to break up for easy rolling! Inside the nugs though, when you were breaking them down, had many little tiny stems in it that made it a little more difficult. You for sure had to pick those out. Most bud you can smell through the bag but this bud was definitely not one of those kinds of bud. It had a very light smell that was not strong at all.

Now we get to the good part! Or at least my favorite part. Smoking my fat blunt I rolled!!!

The first time I smoked this bud I was trying to save some and roll a thinner blunt. BIG mistake.  I rolled it and smoked it and about 15 minutes later I didn’t even feel high anymore. This was incredibly disappointing. So I had to roll another. This one was a FAT one. It was hard to even get all of the bud in it! After smoking this one, I was definitely HIGH af for at least an hour. This high was an energetic high that lifted your spirits and made you feel good. This is a very good strain for people with a lot of stress in their life. Tasting this weed was a lot like smelling it, not much. It had a light taste that was not super noticeable while smoking a blunt. I could taste the papers more than I could the weed. It did, however, have faint citrus taste to it that was excellent. Most blunts are generally kind of harsh which may have been why this seemed to be about a 6 on the harshness scale. The come down off of this was not too bad actually. I didn’t seem to get super tired. I was more just out of it until I could smoke some more.

Happy smoking everyone and thank you for reading!!


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