High as a Kite

Hello everyone! Today I have some bud that I am unsure of the name but would love to figure it out someday! I do know that it is from Wasgington. The bud was a very light green color with orange hairs and a lot of keef. It had a very strong citrus smell that made the whole room smell within a second of getting it out! The nugs were sort of rocky feeling but very easy to break down. Not too sticky and not too hard. The bud, when broken down, was pretty fluffy and soft.

I rolled another blunt with a White Grape White Owl. This blunt was packed full. I weighed out 1.2 grams and used it all in the blunt! It burned really slow but resonated quite a bit (probably because it was so fat!). It had a citrus and earthy taste that went well with the wrap.

Now the high from this blunt was an amazing high. It gave you energy and did not make you feel out of it. I felt very relaxed and in a great mood! This bud would be a great bud for depression or anxiety. The high itself I believe lasted about an hour. VERY STRONG!! The blunt was not super harsh. I would give it bout a 5 on the harshness scale. I coughed some but not too much or too deep. After the high began to sit in, I started getting the munchies. And believe me when you get the munchies with this weed, be careful what you choose to munch on because it will be very hard to put it down. To me, this seemed more like a Sativa strain of bud than an Indica. I wish that I knew the name of this bud because I would definitely like to get my hands on more of it! If I ever find out the name I will definitely update this post so everyone can know. Thanks so much for reading! Happy smoking everybody! 


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