Back at it again!

Today’s bud winner of the day is Ice Mountain! This bud is a 50/50 Indica-Sativa hybrid but to me gives you more of an Indica feel. The second I got it I could smell it. Through the bag! It was a very potent smell that was earthy and woody. The nugs were not very bright this time. They had more of an army green color but had many orange hairs covering it. They nugs were dense and hard like a rock. You definitely need a grinder for this one or some hands that are willing to work a little.

I chose to roll a White Owl White Grape blunt and used a full gram. The blunt was very slow burning and resonated a lot at the end of it. The taste of this one was very nutty and more of a natural earthy flavor. It took a minute to get used to but I thought that it tasted pretty good. Most blunts are somewhat harsh, and this one I would give about a 7 on the harshness scale. At times, it was hard to even take a full hit!  While smoking this one, I could feel the high start to set in.

The high was pretty intense. I felt really zoned out at times and was often confused on what was going on at the moment. It definitely was not a bad kind of high, just sort of intense. I felt “couch-locked” and pretty out of it. I was actually on my couch watching a TV show called bong-appetit. It’s a show all about people cooking with cannabis, cbd and all sorts of cannabis related items. This show blew my mind sort of. It was really cool to watch. I never really got munchy with this high. When I was coming down, I was definitely way more out of it and got pretty tired. This bud was a good bud to smoke and would definitely try it again!

Thanks for reading and stay high my friends!


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