Hello World

This right here my friends is Agent Orange. It is a combination of Orange Velvet, which is a hybrid, and Jack the Ripper, a sativa. The nugs were very bright pretty colors, much better in person than in that picture up there. The green color on it was very vibrant and lime green. There were also many orange hairs covering the whole piece. The nugs themselves were very fluffy and soft which made it very easy to break down for easy smoking. The smell of the bud was not super strong but it had more of an earthy scent to it.

Now time for the good part. Smoking it.

I went with rolling up a blunt for the first time I smoked. I used the Swisher Sweet Island Bash mini blunt wrap. And the first inhale was pretty weird to be honest with you. It wasn’t bad. It was just different than what I expected. The taste was more of a citrus flavor like an orange. To me, it was about a 5 on the harshness scale. The hits were not bad harsh but I did get a few coughs in every once in a while. This one is definitely a creeper. Right after I had smoked, I initially did not feel much of a high at all and was debating on smoking more. But I decided to give it a minute to see if something would happen. Then after not too long it started to set in. This high was a really good high. One that makes you happy and your mind is energized. It’s definitely not a high that makes you feel tired or couch locked. It’s a very uplifting kind of high that helps with stress and is great for depression. The only negative couple things I have to say about it is the cotton mouth that comes with it and the coming down does make you tired. But other than that the whole experience was great. I would definitely recommend this strain to anyone!

Thanks for reading and happy smoking!


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